How to Use a Saree



It is important to wear an Indian saree in the correct manner.



One of the most interesting traditions of women in India is wearing a saree. Spelled saree or sari, this wrap is worn by Indian women as part of a dress or a skirt. Sarees come in various, often vibrant colors and are often made of silk or cotton. A petticoat and a short-sleeved blouse are worn underneath a saree. The blouse, known as a choli, is similar to a midriff top while the full-length petticoat has drawstrings at the waist. Women all over the world like wearing sarees. Many online stores sell sarees, cholis and petticoats all under one roof. However, wearing a saree can be quite a challenge, so it is important that you know how to use the saree properly to give adequate coverage to your body.






Moderately Easy





Things You'll Need


  • Short-sleeved midriff top or choli


  • Full-length petticoat


  • Saree


  • Safety pins


o    1



Don a choli and full-length petticoat, tying the drawstring properly. It should not be too tight or too loose because you will use it to secure the saree. Get one corner of the saree and tuck it into the center of your petticoat where your navel is. Then, wrap the saree around your waist once and tuck it right back to your navel. The hem of your saree should touch the ground even after you have tucked it in.



o    2



Fold the remaining loose fabric five to seven times to create five to seven pleats. Each pleat should measure about 5 inches. When folding the fabric, start from the area closest to your body, moving your way outward. You can use a safety pin to secure the pleats together and to keep them straight and neat. Make sure the ends are not touching the ground.



o    3



Take the pleats to the left side of your belly button and tuck them tightly into the petticoat. The pleats should fall directly on the floor. You should still have remaining loose fabric left.



o    4



Wrap the loose fabric around your body going from left to right. Bring the fabric to the front by pulling it up just below your right arm and hang the fabric over your left shoulder. Let the remaining fabric hang over your left shoulder down to your knee. You can use a safety pin to secure the drape on your left shoulder.



Tips & Warnings


·         Ideally, the color of the blouse and petticoat should be the same as that of the saree.



·         To look more fabulous and stylish, choose a saree with intricate and attractive designs.



It is considered socially offensive to wear your saree incorrectly