How to Wear a Saree in Mermaid Style


Women of any size and shape can look stunning and sexy in a saree. The mermaid style of wrapping a saree highlights the natural womanly curves in your figure and resembles the tail of the mythological mermaid. The saree is a long, continuous piece of decorative cloth that comes in various lengths from 4 1/2 yards to 9 yards and any size can be wrapped in the mermaid style. Traditionally a saree is woven and there are no seams or hems to the fabric.




Moderately Challenging







o    1



Put on the saree top, known as the choli, the matching petticoat and the shoes you will wear with the saree. It is important to have you shoes on so that you measure the proper length when tucking the design.



o    2



Start with the undecorated section of fabric at one end of the saree and hold the end with your right hand. With your left hand, grasp the edge of the saree even with where the decoration starts.



o    3



Hold the decorated portion on the front of your body at your right side. Drape the undecorated portion that is in your right hand around your body and tuck the end into your waistline. Depending on your individual waist size, this may be close to your left hip or in the front of your body. Be sure when you are draping it that you maneuver the fabric under the decorated portion of the saree before tucking.



o    4



Drape the decorated portion of the saree around your body from right to left, pulling the fabric snug as you go. Continue wrapping three to four times around your body, depending on your size and the length of your saree fabric. When you are done wrapping it there should be enough saree fabric left to drape your body loosely two more times and for the pallu, or highly decorated end, to be pinned to your left shoulder and drape down your back.



o    5



Tuck the fabric in at the center front of your waistline once you are done wrapping.



o    6



Hold the fabric with the fingers on your right hand and spread out your thumb. Use your left hand to drape the saree fabric around your index finger and back to your thumb. This is one pleat. Loosen the pleat from your index finger and hold in place with your other fingers against the saree fabric. Make three more pleats in the same manner, being careful to hold them all evenly with the saree fabric.



o    7



Tuck the pleats into your waistline at the center front.



o    8



Wrap the saree fabric around your body from right to left and hold it on your front left side.



o    9



Lift the bottom edge of the saree up and drape around your body, pulling the fabric snug against you as you go. The bottom edge of the saree must be noticeably higher than the border on the last wrap you made around your waist. This makes the tail fin design at the bottom of the mermaid's tail.



o    10



Wrap the saree fabric one last time around your body and then drape over the left shoulder and arm. There should be approximately 2 feet or more of the pallu hanging down your side. For more to hang down, pull the final two wraps of the saree tighter against your body until you achieve the desired look.



Tips & Warnings



  • Pleat the undecorated portion of the saree as an alternative to wrapping it around your body.


  • Use a large safety pin to hold the pleats together so they do not shift while you are wearing the saree.