Saree is Sexy


15 Reasons Why Saree is Sexy



Saree may not be an easy option to drape but it definitely is an attractive dress. It may take several hours to get it right but when finally you do, you can be sure that you are the eye catcher in the event.
Whatever has been said and done about it, a Saree remains to be one of the sexiest outfits ever created for Indian women. And, here are 15 reasons that vouch for it.



1. Saree is an attention grabber



Drape it in modern style or traditional; it will always be an attention grabber, not to forget all the drools you get!



2. Saree suits every figure



Every girl would like to show off her curves. Undoubtedly, it makes any figure look sexier.



3. Saree makes you look wonderful



Nothing can be sexier and wonderful than a saree and Indian men say yes too. Do we need say more?



4. Saree is graceful



It may take up hours to get the look right but in the end, a saree adds grace and elegance to your personality.



5. Saree is experimenting



There is no fixed rule on how you should drape it. You can try various drapes and looks with it.



6. Saree and heels are perfect to dazzle



If you love wearing heels, nothing is perfect than a saree to team it up with. And, added height is a bonus.



7. Saree keeps the shopping going



A saree is incomplete without proper and matching accessories. So, buying a saree ensures that we have more reasons to go shopping, to get that perfect look.



8. Saree teaches you to be confident



All the saree wearers, regular or occasional, will agree to do this. Saree makes our moves elegant and our walk graceful.



9. Saree is to us what gowns are to west



Yes, if you think that women in foreign lands look prettier by wearing gowns, we, Indians have saree to make us stand tall, literally.



10. Saree suits every occasion



Whether it is a family function or wedding, you can never go wrong with saree.



11. Saree is unmatched and beyond comparison



There is nothing like a Saree that makes Indian women beautiful. Even if you are a modern women, you will be in awe of it.



12. Saree is vibrant



From a simple cotton sari to heavy traditional Kanchipuram saree – you have it all. Hence, you can never be bored of wearing them and all those smiles you collect, are priceless.



13. Saree makes you feel like a celeb



All Bollywood buffs would agree tothist. How many times have you imagined yourself to be an actress with her pallu flying with the wind?



14. Saree earns you compliments



After spending hours, saree is the only thing, which gets you all the compliments and blushes!



15. Saree makes you feel girly



Saree helps you get all the attention, even from your special one. Thanks to saree, which makes you pretty, beautiful and a traditional girl!




A saree is now no longer the refuge of moms who were averse to experimenting. A Sexy saree is the new fashion mantra, sarees having now revolutionized the Indian fashion scene and added flair and dash to the dressing style of an Indian woman.



Change is the law of nature and all good things must either keep pace with the changing times or perish. The same holds good for the way we dress up and present ourselves to the world. Even our clothes have not been untouched by the changes around them and adapted to the needs of the day. Something that has evolved drastically to meet the requirements of the hot chicks on the block is the quintessential epitome of Indian tradition- the saree.



The woman of today is all about flamboyance and doing what she does with panache. No more is she willing to hide unsightly love-handles hidden beneath layers of thick silk sarees. Now that she spends hours on the treadmill for that perfect flat-as-a-washboard tummy and doing dumb-bells for those toned upper arms, she does not want to dress up conservatively. So much so that we get to see a much glamorized version of a typically Indian piece of ensemble- the saree. Quintessentially a conservative dress and an epitome of Indian tradition, it has undergone a sea-change, thanks to the new life being infused by the new crop of dress designers on the block. A Sexy saree is the answer to the trendy needs of this breed of youngsters who has no qualms with flaunting their size-zero figures give a whole new dimension to this piece of outfit.



Delicately embroidered crepes, sequined georgettes, inviting chiffons, see-through nets, Swarovski embellished shimmers and brocade-bordered sarees now rule the roost. Though traditional sarees still remain very much the fad with the Gen-Y women, the youngsters prefer to go in for showy, jazzy fabrics with which they can make a style statement and make their presence felt. This new breed of young gals who would have fled the scene at the mention of having to wear a saree at a wedding in the family or a social gathering have now discovered a smarter way out which keeps their folks happy and yet does not make them look matronly. They opt for a sexier version of the traditional Indian five yard drape to add oomph to their style quotient, while also earning some ‘brownie points’. A Sexy saree is often transparent and reveals more than it conceals.



To further the killer-look, these sarees can be worn with sleeveless blouses, backless blouses, halter necks, noodle strap blouses, corsets and bikini tops. In this version they are sure to cause many a man to skip their heartbeat while lending an air of a fashionista to the wearer. A sexy saree is usually tied way below the navel (which is usually pierced and bejeweled), just a little above the pubic region to flaunt the perfectly chiseled body. The dare-to-bare blouses add to the sex appeal and have the men among the audience gasping. Jewellery with such sarees is usually kept minimal, in keeping with the westernized look-usually; a pair of diamond chandelier earrings is all that is required to complete the look. Youngsters prefer this avatar of the age-old run-of-the-mill saree since it adds to their sensuousness and has a hypnotic effect on the hoi polloi.



It is in this glam version that we see the saree making its mark across the Indian shores and creating a ripple across the fashion circuits all over the world. The Indian fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Beri, Wendell Rodricks, Satya Paul and Sabyasachi Mukerjee have infused new life into this traditional five-yard-drape and made it a much desired piece of clothing for every young Indian gal, no matter how fashion-conscious she is. Our leading Bollywood ladies have endorsed this immensely graceful garb at global platforms and won accolades.



A sexy saree crafted and draped to suit a woman’s figure can help a woman show off her curves and make her look seductive, without making her look vulgar or slutty. Girls who find a saree cumbersome to tie and manage need to know that they are missing something!



Typical Indian look is always admired by our people. It looks decent at the same time it can be sexy too. Saree can show the perfect curves of a woman which can turn on a man very easily. Hidden but shown body parts can turn out to be an asset



Why saree is sexy ?



Saree is normal for indian women, and indian man are used to see woman in saree, but to see, saree is the sexiest dress of all.

How ?

1. saree is just wrapped around the body not weared.

2. Saree is the dress which shows the figure of the woman and its shape of her assets in descent way.

3. Shows the sexy navel, stomach skin of woman which is not seen in other dresses.

4. Special cloth covering breasts called blouse, shows the size of breasts and make any size breasts look good.

5. Transperent saree and blouse are excellent exhibitionist clothes woman can have in public places.

6. blouse is also adjuvant of saree, and transperent blouse is best way to show the faint image of bra you are having inside, best for exhibitionist women.

7. There can be more exposure possible with the different fasion of wearing saree.

8. Dropping the saree pallu is the instant hard on for men, even if you are having blouse on.